Blood Games – Episode 8

This week’s episode features a chapter from Blood Games, Jake Ramsey Book #3, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

MY HANDS WERE CLENCHED in fists as I watched the fire burn. People were sure to die just as they had during the Market Street and old Diggon headquarters bombings. It was with grim satisfaction that I thought of how I’d foiled Reed’s plans for Reading Market.

I wished I could have figured out his plan today and somehow stopped it. I was too limited in what I could do alone.

Reed had been going out of his way to minimize the death count but one person more would have been too much. There wouldn’t be just one death today. I feared dozens would lose their lives. I could see ambulances on the other side of the fire. 

It fanned the flames of my rage, making me wish I had Reed at hand so I could throttle him until he no longer breathed. He would use this fire just like he’d used all the other incidents to further cement the children to him and his cause.

Once I caught up to Margaret and Benji, it was going to be difficult to get them to recognize Reed had been behind all this death and mayhem. I doubted they ever would. They weren’t going to take that message from me.

What did Reed hope to gain from all this destruction? Why turn his focus to his own company? At first, I’d thought he’d just been trying to prove his value to Peck. After taking down the old Diggon headquarters and giving Peck a black eye for his refusal to turn over any information on me before the Reading Market incident, I’d decided he’d been trying to drive down the price of Diggon’s shares. He’d been successful for a time, but that was short lived because Spectrum downloads had shot to the top of the charts. 

It didn’t make any sense for Reed to target DataRader. I figured Reed was insane but had thought there would be a method to his madness.


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