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For Writers: Attorneys, Random Simon, & Half of All Books

Over on Substack, I post my thoughts on writing, publishing, & storytelling. Here are some recent highlights: Why would you need a lawyer to review that contract? Are you in business to make money? It’s impossible to understate the importance of a good lawyer. (Shop around till you find one you like.) It might be interesting for you to note that as a lawyer myself, I’ve frequently hired attorneys to help me out. Perhaps that’s surprising. Perhaps not. Maybe I

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The Verdict – Chapter 3

“Do you mean he’s had a heart attack?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t what I thought. I was uncertain of how much more I wanted to know. It suddenly felt like a mistake to have come without first making contact on the phone to get more information. But that was the problem. I had tried calling her. She hadn’t answered, so I’d risked a speeding ticket to get here. On the way over, my instincts had repeatedly told me something

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For Writers: What to do with writing advice | Financial Times Numbers | Covers

Over on Substack, I post my thoughts on writing, publishing, & storytelling. Here are some recent highlights: What to do with all that writing advice? There’s a lot of writing advice out there. Some good. Some okay. Some bad. I sometimes wonder if well meaning “writing instructors” aren’t a little bit like Homer Simpson, at least when it comes to giving advice. Homer famously said: “And I gave that man directions, even though I didn’t know the way, because that’s

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The Verdict – Chapter 2

A little tension went out of me. I could understand now why she was so worked up. It was difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one, even if it was Thomas Guyton. Truth be told, I wasn’t actually surprised something had happened to Thomas. Bad things happened to drug dealers. During my work on the Candy Carlisle case, I’d learned her drug distributor was Marc Guyton. He was a dangerous man. This was why it had taken

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October Patreon Posts Insider News and WIP

I’m a little late getting this up, but I posted over on Patreon an Insider News post and a WIP (work in progress) post. The WIP post is the first chapter of Jake Ramsey #4. It will be coming out in a few months! Anybody subscribed at the $3.99 or $7.99 levels will get an ebook copy of the FULL NOVEL as part of their subscription. This is a way for people to get the novel outside of Amazon. It

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The Verdict: Chapter 1

My watch vibrated, indicating that I’d just received a text message. I’d been expecting a text from somebody else, so I was surprised it was a message from Barbara Sampson, my ex-girlfriend. “Mitch, you have a second?” I was so overcome with the satisfaction of successfully wrapping up my most recent case, the trial of Candy Carlisle, that it didn’t immediately occur to me to wonder what Barbara wanted. I responded back. “Sure.” Has she finally dumped that slimeball Thomas

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A few updates: The Verdict, Jake Ramsey #4, Jason Maxfield #3, Patreon, and Substack

At long last, The Verdict is now out and officially published! You get to read the next chapter in Mitch Turner’s story. I had great fun writing this one and hope you enjoy it! Mitch Turner is at his finest, even though he has incredible obstacles. Also, at the same time, I wrote much of the first draft of Mitch Turner number 5. I don’t normally write two books at once but I did this time. I expect that to

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Mitch Turner #4, The Verdict, is now available!

MITCH TURNER’S EX-GIRLFRIEND IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. Defense attorney Mitch Turner has just successfully resolved a challenging case when he receives a text message from his ex-girlfriend Barbara Sampson. Her message is cryptic, and his efforts to get more information don’t yield anything. Sensing trouble and knowing little more than an address, Mitch flies through the city, hoping his instincts are off. But he fears that something is terribly wrong. Mitch’s concerns only increase when he finds Barbara—crouching on the

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New Mitch Turner Short Story: The Abduction

Defense attorney Mitch Turner has just walked down the courthouse steps after a contentious hearing where he was arguing with the judge when he realizes he isn’t alone. Senator Osvaldo K. Walmsley and his entourage are right behind him. They’re followed by Walmsley’s accuser, Aurelia Garcia. Mitch walks away, thinking it has nothing to do with him. He’s only a few blocks from the courthouse when Aurelia almost pushes him over in her haste to get past. Minutes later, Mitch

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Mitch Turner #4 + Patreon

I’ve just launched a Patreon page where you can preorder The Verdict, Mitch Turner #4. You can find it here! This is from the Patreon page: Welcome to the Dan Decker Patreon page! The purpose of this page is to provide an early copy of my upcoming ebooks. I’ll usually include an option for an audiobook. (If there isn’t an audiobook, I’ll turn off the affected options so that you’re not charged!) This is PAY PER CREATION. This means you

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