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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 10

10 The crowd was just starting to disperse when Audrey crossed the bridge, climbed the stairs, crossed underneath the first line of yellow police crime scene tape, and strode back to her car. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Kennedy McClellan sitting on the hood waiting for her. Audrey frowned and wished she could shake herself of this woman. Audrey was increasingly confident that when Kennedy had learned they were both mothers returning to full-time work, she’d immediately taken hold

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 9

9 Audrey followed Gregory Pope as he walked down the trail, descended the stairs, and crossed the pedestrian bridge. She expected Pope to turn on her again before he got too far, telling her she was off the case or coming back to argue why her approach was wrong, but he just marched across the wooden bridge and up the stairs on the other side, ripping through the crime scene tape and going on his way. A nearby police officer

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 8

8 Audrey heard footsteps approaching from behind. She cringed. Without looking back, she already knew who it was. Ramirez made no move for the pad and pen. The other detective held out an evidence bag. Audrey carefully dropped them in. What am I gonna do about Pope? Audrey wondered. Pope had already made up his mind that Parker did it, but Audrey didn’t see any evidence that pointed to Parker other than his presence, which was circumstantial at best. They

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 7

7 It felt different to Audrey when she parked her car in almost the same spot. She’d come to comfort Pope the first time. Now she was here to do her job. Two completely different mindsets. And she wasn’t sure how to make the switch, especially with Pope already chomping at the bit about this alleged suspect while suffering from shock. Her eyes narrowed. Unless the guy was in cuffs—something she thought unlikely—he was there voluntarily, whatever Pope said about

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A few updates

As I’m sure some of you have already noticed, I’m excited to announce that my new legal thriller, The Killer’s Club, is now out!  You can buy it here.  After a couple of other smaller projects are off my plate, I’ll turn my attention to Mitch Turner #4. Mitch has been patiently waiting his turn but getting increasingly anxious for his next story to be told. Mitch’s time is coming VERY soon. Jason Maxfield is also starting to knock on

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 6

6 Audrey walked into the conference room while panting for breath. She was much later than she’d anticipated. She’d finally remembered the case her appointment was about on the drive over and had considered calling the other attorney until she recalled it was the mercurial Saul Boyle. The man already got under her skin enough during their regularly scheduled interactions. There was no sense in giving him another opportunity. It was always tricky to work with Saul Boyle, and in

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 5

5 Audrey stayed as long as she could with Gregory Pope but eventually needed to get back to work. She had a 3:00 PM meeting for which she would already be late, even if she sped. She was surprised Pope came with her as far as the pedestrian bridge, quiet sobs occasionally escaping his otherwise stony demeanor. “Thank you for coming, Spencer,” he said. “I won’t forget.” Audrey nodded as she left without another word. What was there to say?

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 4

4 It was always a mix of emotions for Audrey to perform her duties as a Deputy District Attorney, though she didn’t want it to be. This was something she’d expected on an intellectual level when she took the job but was not something she’d understood until she started digging into the nitty-gritty of the cases, sifting through all the horrid details that she’d prefer not to face but knew she must to properly execute her responsibilities. This was not

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 3

3 Audrey couldn’t stay away even though common sense told her she probably should. She’d known of Gregory Pope for the better part of two decades. She couldn’t say she liked the man, but she felt empathy for him. He’d also offered her the job over other qualified candidates. There weren’t many employers who looked at a mother’s employment history with breaks like hers and put them on the front lines. She was more than grateful for the opportunity and

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 2

2 Audrey always felt a sense of relief when she walked out of the prison. That was momentary because then they headed toward the parking lot, where the dread was somehow worse. She and Thane McMurtry had talked pleasantly on their way through the security checkpoints and as they walked out to the lot. Thane had no way of knowing just how much Audrey appreciated his presence. It helped distract her from the time she’d seen a mother pushing a

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The Killer’s Club: Chapter 1

1 Audrey Spencer folded her arms and leaned back in her chair as she regarded the two men sitting across the table from her. The air had gone cold, despite the stifling heat of the small room. “Excuse me?” Audrey could barely keep the consternation from her voice. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been called such a word, if ever. She was no stranger to angry outbursts, but she hadn’t tolerated such behavior from her boys, and she

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