Blood Games – Episode 7

This week’s episode features a chapter from Blood Games, Jake Ramsey Book #3, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

AS I WALKED AWAY from Kris, I noticed that the people on the street seemed quieter than normal. I pulled out my smartphone which–was still on, even though I knew better–to see if Spectrum had noticed my presence and sent out an alert.

It had not. I was in the clear.

Most people were still talking while going about their business but they also kept looking about as if expecting something to happen.

It was a sign of our times that word of the threat had spread so quickly. It hadn’t been more than ten minutes since Jolene had walked in with the video, but it seemed everybody knew of it. Or had at least picked up on the increased tension of those around them.  

I passed a bench with people waiting for a bus, several of whom were viewing the video on a phone with the sound turned all the way up. Others had crowded in from all sides to see what it was about. As I looked away from them I tried to keep the fear from showing on my face but it was difficult.

There was little more than makeup, a few strips of latex, and a hat keeping me from being recognized.

I was surrounded by people who had a fresh image of my face in their mind. As I passed a man who stood with his back up against a light post I noticed he’d just opened the Spectrum app. He hadn’t looked at me so I figured I was in the clear, he was just checking.

Peck’s network of ears was growing exponentially because of the new threat.

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