Dark Spectrum – Episode 1


This week’s episode features a chapter from Dark Spectrum, Jake Ramsey Book #2, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is the book description:

Jake Ramsey has lost everything. His job. His life. His sense of self. He can’t go outside unless he wears a disguise and even if he does all that, he is afraid to speak, fearing his location will be detected.

When Jake finds himself engulfed in the middle of a terrorist attack, it isn’t long before he suspects it is connected to him.

Somebody knows Jake is in the area and is setting him up to take the fall.

As Jake digs deeper, he becomes concerned that children have been kidnapped by the man behind the terrorist attack. The way becomes harder as he gets closer to the truth, facing decisions of life and death. If you enjoy thrillers with twists and turns, this book is for you. Pick up your copy today!


Here is an excerpt from the show:

THE WOMAN’S SMILE CAUGHT me off guard, and my heart froze in my chest, distracting me from the buzzing sound I’d heard overhead. Her blonde hair reminded me of Shannon; even though I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen Shannon smile like that.

“Hey,” I said before I could stop myself. Her grin widened, but she moved past without stopping as my feet came to a standstill of their own accord.

Foolish! I thought, wishing I’d just kept my mouth shut. How many nearby smartphones had picked it up? I turned to see if she’d stopped too, but she’d continued right on past. A man grumbled as he darted around me but I ignored him.

My heart pounded in my chest. I wanted to chase down the woman, but knew I couldn’t. I was wearing a disguise. Even if I was looking to meet somebody that was no way to do it.

She disappeared into the crowd. I lingered for a moment but didn’t spot her again.

A van lurched up onto the sidewalk, mowing over people and sending them flying. A man was pushed into the wall of a building, securing him between the vehicle and the bricks.

I darted forward, my hand in my messenger bag, searching for my pistol. I didn’t make it far.

An explosion shook the ground and almost knocked me off my feet. I grabbed a nearby light pole to steady myself as I looked behind me. Flames came out the side of the upper part of an office building. Shrapnel and glass fell towards us.

Screams came next as people rushed back from the building, which was a difficult thing to do considering all the foot traffic and cars on the road. Panic surged as they couldn’t get out of the way of the falling debris.

People rushed towards me, looking to fight their way past. Several made it around me before the gaps closed and there was no place for them to go.

The world seemed to slow as I took in the scene. Trying to process it. Trying to figure out what this had to do with me. I looked back at the van but couldn’t see it from my crouched position by the light pole. I straightened, straining for a view of what was happening with the van but couldn’t make anything out.

My hand wrapped around the butt of my pistol but I didn’t pull it out. I didn’t need somebody to see me with it and assume I was responsible for what was happening.

I’d take it out if I had a target, not before.

Peck is setting me up again, I thought as I pulled out my burner phone and dialed 911.

Dark Spectrum – Episode 1 was originally published on DAN DECKER

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