Lord of the Inferno – Chapter Twenty Nine, Part Two

This week’s episode features a chapter from Lord of the Inferno, Volume Two of War of the Fathers. War of the Fathers is available as a free ebook if you sign up for the Dan Decker Newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“We did it!” Neare dropped his end on the ground as a large piece of shrapnel whizzed by overhead. Adar shrunk to the cobblestones and felt it whip over him too and collide with the ship behind him. When he looked up, he saw Neare sprawling beside the blaster. He thought Neare might have been hit by another piece of shrapnel until he saw Neare had a big stupid grin on his face.

Within a few minutes, it was all over, and they could get to their feet again.

“Good thinking there at the last,” Neare said, clapping Adar on the back. “I’d have been blind for sure.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I thought you’d lost your mind, wanting to bring down a ship! I ran off, figuring you for dead. I’m still not sure why I came back.”

“I’m just glad you did.” He didn’t want to think about what would have happened if Neare hadn’t returned.

“If somebody would have told me that there was a man that could fight the Hunwei. I would have doubted it. If they had said it was you, I would have been even less likely to believe them.” Neare pounded Adar on the shoulder again. “Do you realize what this means? We can fight them! We can save my family and Ka—”

He stopped short, but Adar already knew what he had been about to say. Karany. Or whatever the name of Polaer’s wife had been.

“I’m going to form an army,” Adar said. “I need a second in command. You interested?”

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