I am making incredible progress on Mitch Turner #5! I am hopeful, fingers crossed, that I should finish it up within a few more weeks.

I’m about 73% of the way done with the novel before I send it over to copyediting.

The first chapter of Only The Guilty is up for Patreon subscribers. I have included a little excerpt of this here and will be publishing more about it the closer we get. Why would you want to join Patreon? The cool thing about the Patreon, is that I give inside peaks into my work and thought processes. Also, depending on the level, Patreon subscribers can also get early copies of short stories and novels.

In other news, The Verdict is slated to be produced as an audiobook at the end of the year.

More to come on that.

Also, don’t forget I’m running a special on The Victim’s Wife right now! It will end soon, so tell your friends!

Don’t forget: THE KILLER’S CLUB is in prime reading! You can find it here.

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