Prepare for a Chill: The New Jason Maxfield Thriller COLD REVENGE is Coming Soon!

I have some thrilling news to share! I’m delighted to announce my electrifying new thriller, “Cold Revenge,” is coming soon!

Jason Maxfield is still a fugitive on the run. But this is not your typical cat-and-mouse chase. Our hero is not just fleeing the authorities, he’s also trying to outrun his own past—a past that haunts him with relentless persistence. Every corner he turns, every shadow he hides in, the echoes of his former life are in pursuit.

The plot takes unexpected turns as you constantly guess where our fugitive will go next, who he can trust, and how he will reconcile with the demons that stalk his every step.

Mark your calendars now, as “Cold Revenge” is set to hit the shelves soon. I can’t wait for you to unravel the mysteries hidden within its pages! Prepare for a chilling ride that will have you questioning everything until the end.

The countdown has begun, and I promise you COLD REVENGE will leave you frozen in suspense!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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