Writing Update: Done with Draft 6 of Jason Maxfield #3

And starting on draft 7.

Last week went very well. I’m making very good progress on Jason Maxfield #3. In this last draft things have really started coming together. I usually have several branches that go nowhere which need pruning and most of that got done this pass.

The word count for last week was approximately 10,100 words. 

(Note: I write on a lot of different projects all at once. My weekly word count is for all projects, even though I don’t always include all projects in the weekly update breakdown below.) 

Here is the status of current projects as of last Friday:

Jason Maxfield #3 – Draft 6 – 100%

Jason Maxfield #3 – Draft 7 – 0%

New Legal Thriller –  Draft 1 – 25% – 30%

It was a great week! 

ALSO, the picture above is photo I found that makes me think of a scene from the upcoming Jason Maxfield novel.

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