A few updates: The Verdict, Jake Ramsey #4, Jason Maxfield #3, Patreon, and Substack

At long last, The Verdict is now out and officially published! You get to read the next chapter in Mitch Turner’s story. I had great fun writing this one and hope you enjoy it! Mitch Turner is at his finest, even though he has incredible obstacles.

Also, at the same time, I wrote much of the first draft of Mitch Turner number 5. I don’t normally write two books at once but I did this time. I expect that to be available in late 2023! 

Jake Ramsey #4 is up next, and that will be followed by Jason Maxfield #3. I can’t wait to get both of these books into your hands. 

Stay tuned. 

I’ve also set up a Patreon account. For a monthly subscription fee you get access to:

  1. Monthly insider news post
  2. Monthly work in progress post
  3. A digital copy of each new short story before it is officially published
  4. A digital copy of each new novel before it is officially published

And there is also a subscription tier that provides a digital copy of each new audiobook before it is officially published.

You can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/dandeckerbooks/membership

Also, the first three chapters of The Verdict are available to all on Patreon right now

And if there are any writers in the audience, I have established a substack page where I will occasionally post my thoughts on writing and publishing. You can find it here: https://dandecker.substack.com/

Finally, a big thank you to you, the reader! I greatly enjoy the feedback I continually receive from you on my work. 

I hope you enjoy The Verdict!

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