New Mitch Turner Short Story: The Abduction

Defense attorney Mitch Turner has just walked down the courthouse steps after a contentious hearing where he was arguing with the judge when he realizes he isn’t alone. Senator Osvaldo K. Walmsley and his entourage are right behind him. They’re followed by Walmsley’s accuser, Aurelia Garcia.

Mitch walks away, thinking it has nothing to do with him. He’s only a few blocks from the courthouse when Aurelia almost pushes him over in her haste to get past.

Minutes later, Mitch witnesses her abduction but is unable to stop it.

He calls the authorities but senses that time is of the essence, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Can Mitch find Aurelia before anything bad happens to her?

Can he figure out who’s behind her abduction?

Get your copy of this thrilling short story today to find out!

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