Dark Spectrum – Episode 26

This week’s episode features a chapter from Dark Spectrum, Jake Ramsey Book #2, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

JUST IN CASE DIGGON had decided I was worth tracking by satellite, I detoured through several buildings and took off my jacket. I switched hats as well. As an added precaution, I turned off my smartphone and took out its battery. I’d been careful to never call anybody but Kris with it.

I headed to the DataRader headquarters. I didn’t have a plan but thought I’d stake it out to see if I noticed anything useful. I sat on a bench and pulled out my tablet. I thought about turning it off too but decided it was unlikely anybody could track me with it. I opened my Wi-Fi finder and logged on to an open hotspot.

It wasn’t surprising other law enforcement agencies were getting involved in the hunt.

I’d never before wanted to leave the city so badly but I could not do it.

I would never forgive myself if I did.

The DataRader website listed all their official locations. Two were in the city, the rest were scattered throughout the world. In addition to the DataRader headquarters located in front of me, they had an industrial campus located on the outskirts of the city. I doubted Reed would keep the kids at either one but sitting here in the chill fall air was better than doing nothing.

I furrowed my brow as I studied the guards at the main entrance. No doubt, the garage would have similar security, but perhaps I could find a way into the underground parking structure. Maybe I’d get lucky and spot Reed. I could put a tracking device on his car, hoping to discover the kids. If that failed, I would at least learn where he lived. I’d done some searches to locate his home but hadn’t turned up anything. I missed having support staff that were able to find things I could not.

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