Dark Spectrum – Episode 24

This week’s episode features a chapter from Dark Spectrum, Jake Ramsey Book #2, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

I WANTED TO FEEL encouraged as I left Ron Essler’s place, but I couldn’t help thinking he’d been lying to me. I didn’t know what it was that bothered me. Perhaps it was because he’d seemed eager to answer my questions. Maybe it was because he’d believed me about the video when everybody else needed convincing.

His words and actions were effective on a subconscious level because I’d felt guilty when I’d planted a bug underneath his couch while he’d gotten me a glass of water.

Everything he’d done seemed genuine. I had to be careful to not be taken in. There was something about regular human contact I missed. I’d tried telling myself I didn’t need it, but that wasn’t the truth. As I walked away from his apartment building, I reviewed the conversation to make sure my elation from having a real discussion with somebody wasn’t coloring my ability to analyze it.

Ron had never been through any of the training programs at Black Brick–at least, I wasn’t aware of any–and his position had been internally focused. I’d only met him a few times so I didn’t have a solid baseline for comparison. I was left with trusting my gut. My instincts told me he was lying.

As my warped reality settled back down onto me, I reentered my survivalist frame of mind. I had one option. I needed to corroborate everything he’d said.

Just in case Ron watched me leave through his window, I made sure to disappear around the corner before pulling out my radio receiver.

The bug had a limited range but it would still work if I went around the corner to listen.

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