Dark Spectrum – Episode 3

This week’s episode features a chapter from Dark Spectrum, Jake Ramsey Book #2, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

I GRIPPED THE BUTT of my pistol but didn’t pull it out. I tried to not think about the man’s family and those who would mourn his death. Fear seeped into my bones as I approached the van. Using my elbow, I pushed the half-open door until it was fully ajar and examined the cab but found nothing of use.

An empty candy bar wrapper was on the floor, along with some dirt. Perhaps the police could use it to determine something about who’d done this, but that didn’t help me.

The back of the van looked empty but I still went around to the rear. Using the top of my hand to avoid fingerprints, I opened the back door. The van didn’t have any seats other than up front. The back was indeed empty. I’d expected to find a bomb.

What was going on?

It might have been a terrorist attack for just the purpose of stoking fear but I was having a hard time believing it.

No, this was about something else.

Why had they blocked the pedestrian traffic? Now that everybody was free, did they not care any longer? If their goal had just been to stoke fear by creating death and mayhem, they’d had a rich target pool when everybody had been jammed in together. Their moment of opportunity had passed.

As I studied the scene, I noticed another van had been abandoned in the middle of a crosswalk on the other side from where the explosion had happened. It hadn’t blocked traffic as thoroughly as had the first, but it had created an obstacle.

It had all been a trap, but I didn’t see anybody who looked like they were planning to do any more harm.

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