Black Brick – Chapter Thirty Two

This week’s episode features Chapter Thirty Two of Black Brick. Here is an excerpt from the show:

When I awoke the first thing I saw was one of the expensive chandeliers in Diggon’s lobby hanging directly over me. I must have taken quite a knock to the head because I thought that it was falling and going to hit me.

I tried to roll out of the way and ran into something—a person by the feel of it. Blinking, I looked back at the ceiling. After determining that it was my head that was spinning and not the chandelier falling, I tried to collect my wits. There was a huge lump on the back of my head, but other than that I was fine and I was surprised to find that my hands and legs were free.

After several labored breaths, I sat up and immediately wished that I hadn’t because it made me dizzy.

“They’re starting to wake.”

I didn’t recognize the voice.

Shannon was beside me, and she was out cold. I might have thought she was asleep, except the gash on her head and the blood that had dripped down her face told a different story.

Kris lay to the other side of me. Cherry and Tom were nearby as well. They were all unconscious. Where was Beltran? There had been other people in the conference room, what had happened to them?

Martinez was with a group of people nearby. All of them had gas masks pulled onto the top of their heads. I did a double take when I recognized Ronan Wright among the men. He didn’t have a gas mask and was talking to Martinez while gesturing animatedly. They were too far away for me to make out what was being said.

What did Wright have to do with all of this? As he spoke, he became more agitated, and he started gesturing towards something I couldn’t identify because a lavish garden was in the way.

I searched my pockets. They’d taken away my pistols and ammo magazines. I cautiously moved my leg and hid a sigh of relief. I was still armed with my subcompact pistol. It wouldn’t be much good against so many people, but it was comforting still the same.

“Don’t move,” said a voice from behind.

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