War of the Fathers – Chapters Ten and Eleven

This week’s episode features Chapters Ten and Eleven of War of the Fathers. Click here to download it or press play below. Here is an excerpt from the show:

“Tere, we can either come to an arrangement,” Adar said addressing the man that Jorad had almost killed, “or we’ll kill you. Your choice.”

Tere snorted and set his jaw. “Returning Jorad to make his claim is paramount to killing you. What are your terms?”

Soret gasped. This wasn’t how Jorad wanted her to find out. He’d dodged Soret’s question about what he would do after Zecarani and now he wished that he hadn’t. Strangely, the anger had left her face. That wasn’t the response he’d been expecting. Well, truth be told, he’d expected that she wouldn’t have believed him.

Adar looked at Jorad. “Put your sword away.”

“Not as long as they’re trying to kill us.” Did Adar expect Jorad to go with them to Rarbon? He wouldn’t go at the point of a sword.

“Not us, just me,” Adar said. “Do it.” Jorad did as Adar asked. Tere motioned to his men and they put away their swords as well.

Without his sword in hand, the anger left Jorad as if he’d been plunged into cold water. He shivered as he realized how close he’d come to killing another person. What would that have been like? He knew that Adar sometimes had restless nights when memories of the men he killed tormented him. When Jorad joined the Radim and made his claim to become Ghar, it was inevitable that he would kill and be responsible for the deaths of many. Jorad wasn’t sure if he could live with that or not. One night, in a rare moment of openness, Adar had shared with him the visions that haunted him. It hadn’t been a comfortable conversation.

“I need to talk with my son.”

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