Lord of the Inferno is Out!


Lord of the Inferno, the long awaited sequel to War of the Fathers is finally out. It should be available online wherever books are sold. Here are a few links where you can purchase it: Amazon, B&N, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, trade paperback

Immediately after Adar Rahid activates an ancient weapon that kills the Hunwei in Zecarani, he discovers the Hunwei have humans fighting for them. As he fights these traitors and tries to capture his wife’s murderer, he finds death waiting for him wherever he turns.

After Adar kills a human in Hunwei armor, he realizes he still doesn’t know the full extent of the Hunwei technological capabilities. His blood boiling with rage over the death of his wife, he barely thinks about the consequences as he rushes after her murderer.

Adar’s character is put to the test as he is forced to choose between seeking revenge or the very fate of the human race.

Adar goes through the fires of hell as he struggles with his own demons while fighting off an enemy that has no mercy and unclear intentions in this tale of epic fantasy and science fiction. This action packed story is the second volume in the War of the Fathers series. Buy your copy today!

As you can see from the image below, the cover of War of the Fathers has been updated so there is a uniform design across the series. I’m really excited about the cover change and the new novel and would love to hear feedback from any of you.


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