Michael Connelly’s “The Reversal” is Gripping and Just Plain Fun

51Owq52jdDL._SL300_This week I finished listening to Michael Connelly’s The Reversal during my daily commute. Many times on the way home, the day’s issues make it hard to pay attention to an audio book. That wasn’t the case here and when I got home, I usually had to listen for a few more minutes before stopping.

If you’re familiar with Connelly’s work, you’ll know about his Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch series. While I’ve been a fan of his Bosch books, I’ve plowed through his Lincoln Lawyer novels, hungry to get to the end, and hungry to start the next.

Reversal starts out with Mickey Haller being asked to switch sides from the defense and play the part of the prosecutor. For fans of Bosch, Harry is a main character in the book as well. The viewpoints alternate between Bosch and Haller smoothly. Connelly does a superb job handling the transitions and highlighting the distinctions between his two protagonists. It’s fun to switch between the two and get their very different take on the same thing. I’d recommend the audio book based on the narration alone, Peter Giles breaths enough life into his reading to keep the story tense and realistic.

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