Blood Games – Episode 4

This week’s episode features a chapter from Blood Games, Jake Ramsey Book #3, the first book Black Brick is available as a free ebook from most ebook vendors. Here is an excerpt from the show:

THE SILENCE IN THE car became awkward while I decided how to respond to Kris’ demand. I wasn’t surprised she was using my current situation as leverage but I could have avoided it altogether. It had been a mistake to get into her car but I’d been presented with an easy option. I’d taken it before I had a chance to consider all the consequences.

The driver looked at me in the rearview mirror, trying to gauge my reaction to her words. He had blonde hair and was pushing fifty. The muscles of his arms bulged when he turned the wheel. He had thirty pounds on me.

I checked behind us to make sure we weren’t being followed. Everything had happened so quickly that I’d expected to see a black Suburban behind us.

“Do you have real plates on this truck?” I asked. “Are they going to track you?”

“Don’t worry, Jake. We’re not a fly by night organization.” She gave me a wry smile. “You weren’t able to track me, were you?”

If I would have known you would take advantage of me, I thought, I would have tried much harder. My attempts to follow her had not been thorough. I’d done it to see how well she protected herself as much as anything.  

I spent several minutes focusing on my breathing to keep my anger at bay, it was swarming in my chest like a hive of bees that had just been kicked over. Most of it wasn’t directed at Kris. A portion was aimed at myself but the rest was for Reed and how close his people had come to me.

Still, after everything that had happened, he was trying to persuade me to join him. It didn’t make any sense; especially, considering how he was using fake videos of me to manipulate public opinion.

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