Free Book and Updates!

It has been a busy couple of months but I have a number updates.

The first is that the above ebook is going permafree.

Second, readers that have been paying close attention have noticed that the Black Brick covers have changed. I really like this new cover and hope that it will be more eye catching than the previous version.

Third, the Black Brick Omnibus ebook is out (this contains Parts 1-4). You can find it on Amazon. For the moment, this and the other Black Brick parts are in KDP Select, which means it is part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

Fourth, I’m also very close to finishing the sequel to War of the Fathers. I hope to be done with that before too much longer. Once it’s done I will be getting it to beta readers and began the publishing process before the end of the year. I’ll be releasing this book in parts as well with the omnibus coming out at the end.

But for those of you wanting to read more about Adar….

I wrote a prequel to War of the Fathers titled Blood of the Redd Guard that I’m going to start publishing as parts in September.

Blood of the Redd Guard occurs several decades before what happened in War of the Fathers. Adar is the main character and it was a fun story to write. It has lot’s of action and intrigue. I can’t wait to get it out into the world. It will also feel good to have another monkey off my back.

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