Enemy in the Shadows


The fate of many rests on Jorad Rahid’s shoulders as he arrives in Rarbon to make his claim, something he swore never to do. As he faces new enemies and old, he is thrust into a position of responsibility that brings unforeseen difficulties that threaten his life, direct reports he cannot trust, and a bureaucratic process that is likely to drive him mad if it doesn’t leave him dead. As he navigates these problematic waters, he faces off with a jealous grandfather in a political battle for which he is ill-prepared.

Hoping to spark a fire in the people of Rarbon, Jorad boldly asserts that the Hunwei have returned, but his words are met with disbelief and open hostility. As he strives to find a way to convince the people of the truth, he becomes increasingly impatient with those who stand between him and the Rarbon Portal.

Despite it all, Jorad prepares for the Hunwei invasion of Rarbon while fighting unseen enemies from the shadows that will kill him if given a chance.

Jorad is pitted against his grandfather, his own men, and unseen foes as he struggles to either bring down his enemies or recruit their help in this tale of epic fantasy and science fiction. This action-packed story is the third volume in the War of the Fathers series.

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Enemy in the Shadows was originally published on DAN DECKER