Dead Man’s Game

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is just the beginning.

Anderson takes a wrong turn and is shot dead in a mugging gone bad. The next
thing he knows he is on a foreign world and has been conscripted into an
intergalactic army. He fears for his wife and baby son back on earth. He will
do anything to find them, even go along with his captors as he awaits an
opportunity to escape.

outpace him as he tries to figure out what happened and how to escape. He
courts death at every turn as he fights his way forward in a situation that
makes no sense. Unable to discern truth from fiction, Earl works to subvert his
captors in a struggle for his life, not knowing how things hang in the balance
for humanity or even if his family still lives. If you like space opera and
military science fiction, this book is for you.

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Sneak Peak

“Wallets!” The mugger screamed. “Now!”

Neither Sam nor I moved, something was off
about his voice.

“Look, friend,” I said, trying to think of
a way to make this easier. “Do I have permission to reach into my pocket and
pull them out?”

“Give me your wallets, now!”

I shook my head and wondered what to do
next. My last mugger had been calm and professional. This experience made me
think of that fondly.

The mugger was taking too long. He was

The last thing I would do was reach into
my pocket, he’d shoot me for sure.

Things are likely to go wrong either way.

Sam still said nothing. I couldn’t get a
read on where he was because he was a few feet ahead.

I took another stab. “Friend. My wallet is
in my right suit coat pocket, my smartphone is in the left. You are welcome to
them.” I nodded at Sam. “I’m sure he’ll happily give you his. You are going to
walk away with everything you want. If you will calm down—”

“Give me your wallets, now!” he screamed.

Before I’d spoken he’d still been turning
the pistol between Sam and me but now it was just on me.

The strange mask had slipped, giving me a
better look at his eyes. What I’d taken for bloodshot eyes before appeared to
be a reflection of his mask. I’d expected to see wide unfocused eyes, but what
I saw was more concerning.

His eyes were calm.

It was all an act.


A sick feeling formed in my chest, a stab of panic rising in the back of my mind.

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Dead Man’s Game was originally published on DAN DECKER