Things have been going very well over here. It was great to see ONLY THE GUILTY pushed out into the wild. This book has been a blast to write, and I hope all of you enjoy reading it.

Now I’m working again on Mitch Turner #5 after taking pretty much a full week off to prep ONLY THE GUILTY for release.

It’s a bit wierd to me that Mitch Turner #5 will be released so close after ONLY THE GUILTY. I didn’t exactly plan for it to work out this way, its just the way things have happened because I wrote the draft of Mitch Turner #5 last summer.

I think you are going to really enjoy Mitch Turner #5 as well.

I didn’t make much progress on it for the last week because I had to set it aside. I should be, assuming the holiday doen’t slow me down too much, finish it within the next few weeks.

I haven’t mentioned Jake Ramsey #4 LOST CAUSE for a while, but I haven’t forgotten about that either! That will be published early next year after I’ve gotten Mitch Turner #5 out. The big obstacle there has just been the rebrand of the entire series, and the fact that I had all this other work to do on ONLY THE GUILTY and Mitch Turner #5

I’m still about 94% of the way done with MT #5 before I send it over to copyediting.

The first seven chapters of ONLY THE GUILTY are up on Patreon: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

I’ll be publishing Chapter 1 here soon.

November is the last month that the THE KILLER’S CLUB is in prime reading! You can find it here.

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