Mitch Turner #5 is going very well. I’m super pleased with how it’s coming together.

It’s always surprising to me the number of changes I’m making through these final passes of a novel, sometimes adding a whole new chapter, to make it flow a little better. In this case, the chapter I added, completely changed the final pages of the book!

I’m about 84% of the way done with the novel before I send it over to copyediting.

Only The Guilty is still going through copyediting. Should be coming soon. I’m putting the final touches on the cover and will soon fully reveal that.

The first chapter of Only The Guilty is up for Patreon subscribers. And the second chapter is now available too.

And now Chapter Three of Only The Guilty is up too!

Also, last week on Patreon, I put up a deleted scene from the The Good Client, and today I just published an early version of Chapter 1 from the The Good Client.

Just another reminded that the THE KILLER’S CLUB is still in prime reading! You can find it here.

And finally, you can now get The Stubborn Lawyer audiobook from directly!

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