For Writers: Rising Tsunami of… What?

From PC:

The rise of widely available, easy-to-use artificial intelligence tools is creating a new genre of robot-generated literature. Amazon already offers over 200 books (and climbing) with ChatGPT listed as an author or co-author.

The reasons for people to “write” these books varies. Some authors were previously discouraged by the time and effort to write a book, and are now turning to ChatGPT to generate short novels in hours. They are also combining text generated by ChatGPT with illustrations from platforms such as DALL-E, and bringing their creations to market instantly online.

I doubt many serious authors will consider using AI to write new words for their fiction. (But I may be wrong?!)

I personally have no problem putting words on a page. Using voice to text, its easy to put a lot of words down on paper very fast.

I spend MOST of my time editing.

A more interesting tool would be better AI editors, but that might be more difficult since it requires an ability to understand context.

I use Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and AutoCrit and find them all useful in their own ways, but they all have significant limitations as well.

Give me an AI editor that understands context, and we’ll have something to talk about.

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