For Writers: Life Finds a Way, Savvy Daughter, & Done vs. Perfect

Alligator fish hybrid… totally safe.

Life finds a way.

Couldn’t help but think of this when I read this:

They detailed their findings on the preprint server bioRxiv. The paper has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Scientists used CRISPR to insert the alligator gene that codes for cathelicidin into catfish. 

It found the survival rate of the genetically modified fish was resistant to a common infection.

The fish are also sterile and can’t reproduce unless they are injected with reproductive hormones, MIT Technology reported.

Are you implying that a group composed entirely of sterile animals will breed?

A thoughtful daughter

Still wary of TikTok

From NY Post:

Social media took Lloyd Devereux Richards’ serial-killer novel, “Stone Maidens,” from bottom of the barrel to top of the charts.

The Vermont author’s book — a flop when it was first published in 2012 — is now No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list thanks to a video his daughter posted on TikTok that’s garnered more than 40.3 million views, 9.4 million likes and a lot of book buyers.

“It’s surreal,” the 74-year-old author told The Post of his sudden success, beating out the likes of Colleen Hoover and Prince Harry. “I am not a social media person. I post pictures to Facebook and that’s it.”

Lloyd’s daughter Marguerite Richards, 40, however, is a social media person. On February 8, the teacher posted the video tribute to her dad’s overlooked hard work after finding out that the “Stone Maidens” sequel, finished late last year, had limited prospects of finding a publisher.

Done is better than perfect?

From Entrepreneur:

“Done is better than perfect,” professional freelance writer, David Hochman, told me on my podcast Write About Now. Hochman has written thousands of stories for different publications, and his advice to aspiring writers is to stop worrying so much about your content.

“Don’t agonize over getting it perfectly,” he says. “It will not happen, especially if you’re the final judge. Sometimes the simple act of just finishing something is enough.

To hear my entire interview with David about writing hacks, check out the podcast below.

There is something to be said for done. There’s also something to be said for good. Awesome. Amazing.

How to know the difference? How to balance?

That’s the trick.

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