October Patreon Posts Insider News and WIP

I’m a little late getting this up, but I posted over on Patreon an Insider News post and a WIP (work in progress) post.

The WIP post is the first chapter of Jake Ramsey #4. It will be coming out in a few months! Anybody subscribed at the $3.99 or $7.99 levels will get an ebook copy of the FULL NOVEL as part of their subscription. This is a way for people to get the novel outside of Amazon. It will be available in the usual formats.

For those who aren’t aware, I have three different Patreon monthly subscription levels:

$1.99 – Insider News + WIP + Ebook short stories

$3.99 – Insider News + WIP Post + Ebook Novels + Short Stories

$7.99 – Insider News + WIP + Ebooks (Novels & Short Stories) + Audiobooks

You can subscribe here.

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