Dead Man’s Game: Chapter 2

To: Lieutenant General Regina Adams

From: General Gregory Seed

Log date: 00429.171-23:17:24

Re: Recruit Protocol

General Adams,

I have reviewed your proposal.

Despite my misgivings I grant the latitude you request, provided it is limited to the recruit named therein. I understand your urgency but cannot agree to a full rollout until your candidate has finished the initial training and you have done a complete report.

Be thorough and straightforward in the documentation, please.

Your plan poses many risks. I cannot agree to more candidates until I see proof of your success.

Be careful, Regina. You are playing with fire. If there is political fallout I will sever ties.

Accordingly, this message is self-deleting. I will have a form approval put in your file to give me deniability.

Good luck.


General Seed

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