Welcome Back Jack, it’s been too long!


When 24 ended, I was interested in the prospect of a movie, but wasn’t crazy about it. Apparently that idea never really panned out, which is probably for the best. The unique time format for the show isn’t cut out for the movie theater. A movie would have felt rushed and left true fans thinking of it as a lighter experience than they are normally used to getting from the series.

I was ecstatic they decided to do a 12 episode mini series instead and I’m happy to report that the two episodes are off to a great start. In classic Jack Bauer style, he’s sacrificing everything for the greater good of his country. I’m not crazy about what they’ve done with Chloe, but the opening sequences with Jack were captivating, action packed, and drove me into the plot. I can’t wait for Monday to catch the next episode and I’m reminded of looking forward to Mondays in the years past. Welcome back Jack, it’s been too long!

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